Useful Information

Anchor Cottage, Cliff Road Porthleven TR13 9EZ

Thank you for renting our seaside bolthole, Anchor Cottage. We bought it in 2020 as our dream cottage by the sea. We’ve re-rooved it, replaced the bathroom and revamped the kitchen as well as painting and landscaping the front. Now it has our own stamp on it, we wanted to be able to share this special place with guests; including unique interior finds, so it feels like a home for you as much to you as it does for us.

Anchor cottage is built from granite, and one of oldest properties in Porthleven. So, there will be imperfections, inevitably salt will make its way in and metals don’t stand a chance. If you do see a bit of flaky paint, I’m afraid it’s all part of the charm. We will do our best to make sure it looks great for your stay. We’ve put together a little guide on how to enjoy, and best run the house.

When you arrive


The space next to the house is not huge but does take an SUV. It narrows towards the store door. As a guide our car measures just under 4.7m Long x 1.93 m Wide. If you overhang the yellow lines don’t worry too much. If you have two cars or can’t fit the space, pull up outside the house, or opposite and unload. Then park on Peverell Terrace.

Getting in

The porch door is not locked, so let yourself in and then retrieve the key from the key code box.

Key code : 1999

A Few Essentials


Wifi code: porthleven (lower case)


Contact details

Charlotte (owner) 07841 447 339
Melanie (housekeeper): 07866 862 647



The bank of 6 switches by the front door is divided into 2 sets of three. The left set is dining and sitting room, the right porch and outside.



The TV is run from a freesat box. If you press the home button on the Phillips controller you can choose the source from the menu. HDMI 1 is freesat for terrestrial TV and there is Netflix and online streaming through Wifi. You may prefer to sign in to your own account.



Heating is a Hive system. It is programmed to come on morning and evening, with hot water. The control in the kitchen can be adjusted or you can advance the setting to turn on.
If for any reason the heating doesn’t work, there is an immersion heater for hot water in the back bedroom cupboard. (inside the door on the right)


Cooker & Electrics

The cooker is electric with separate grill. Cooker hood: Pull the hood out to turn lights and fan on.

The electric box is in the kitchen up near the ceiling next to the sink

Underfloor Heating

This is pre-set so no need to touch.



Turn right for cold and left for hot. (I know it’s back to front, sorry!)


Night Lights

There are a few sensor lights on the landing and by the bathroom to allow for finding your way at night.


The bin in the kitchen has two sections please use one compartment for general waste and the other for mixed recycling (glass/cardboard/metal/solid plastics/). There are two wheelie bins in the rear courtyard. Black for general waste, blue for recycling. Please put your bins in those when full. Additional bin bags are under the sink.

Note – please do not put recycling in the blue bin un-bagged.

Also food waste or bin liners left outside will be pecked by seagulls. They are very good at seeking food out even in plastic.


Spills and accidents

We understand accidents happen so here’s some help on what to do in case it does.

Carpets: Sisal carpets don’t like moisture so if there is a spill use a cloth or paper towel to soak up as much moisture as possible as quickly as possible. Use a very small amount of carpet stain remover in water, dampen the cloth with the solution and dab the stain, do not over wet the sisal.


Decorative leather strap shelves

These are decorative only so avoid heavy items or leaning on them – thanks


Washing machine & Dryer

There is a small amount of detergent under the sink for washing. Help yourself.



We’ve left a few dishwasher tablets under the sink, to prevent blockages rinse the plates or pans. Please use the food waste plug for the sink it prevents nasty blockages. Thank you.


Broken glasses etc

Don’t worry we expect the odd breakage. Take care not to cut yourself sweeping up any shards – there is dustpan and hoover under the stairs.


We’ve provided twizzler firelighters, kindling and wood. Place a few firelighters and a pyramid or Jenga stack of kindling on the woodburning grate.

Ignite the firelighters. When the kindling has taken, carefully add a couple of smaller logs. Leave the door ajar.

Ensure the vents (which control air into the fire) are open – the wheel on the front should be completely out, and the rod below the door pulled out. If not, the fire may smoke. As the logs start to burn the fire will start to roar, you can then gradually adjust the vents to allow for a slower burn which produces more heat. A fire guard is available for safety.

Whilst we provide wood, please be mindful of how much you use, we don’t want to have to charge, so for the sake of future guests and the planet use the woodburner to take the chill off, rather than for decoration.


There is a BBQ and seating area outside for comfort. The BBQ runs from Gas canisters.  Spare ones can be found in the rear courtyard. Inside the lid of the BBQ is a detachable serving shelf to use when cooking.  Please ensure the lid is closed after use as Seagulls will scavenge. Also don’t leave food unattended – they will have it! In the bottom of the kitchen cupboard are a set of BBQ utensils

There is a basket of outdoor cushions and blankets in the porch and by the front door. Please use these on the benches outside and stow away when finished – otherwise the wind will take them.  The gate catch is a bit sticky – so please make sure it is secure when you close it, for children and pet safety. 

Children & Babies

If you let us know before you arrive, we can make up a cot for your baby. We do have a booster highchair in the crockery cupboard in the kitchen. There is a baby bath and changing mat available to use in the bathroom stored in the cupboard in the rear bedroom.

Please be aware there are no stair guards and plugs are not blocked for little fingers. If you can take care to make sure children don’t pull on decorations, lights or display shelves as this can cause damage to them and the property, thank you!


We know that your dog is part of the family. We love to welcome them.  Here is our guidance and rules for their stay.

  • Please make sure dogs are flea treated before their stay and not on heat during their stay.
  • For their safety, please keep your dog under control at all times and do not leave unsupervised as this can result in damage, disturbance for neighbours and an unhappy doggie.
  • The rear utility space is safe and contained for your dog to be left at night.
  • All dog mess on or off the premises must be cleared up. We’ve left some poo bags for you.
  • On your walks there are bins by Blue Buoy steps and by the slip road to the beach opposite as well as at the gateway to Penrose estate.
  • Please ensure that no muddy paws or sandy coats are taken indoors. There is a hose pipe in the rear courtyard to wash down. Plus, we’ve provided a towel.
  • Please, please, please dogs are not permitted in bedrooms or on furniture. We’ve provided a bed, remember other guests may be allergic to your pooch!
  • Please note that whilst we accept a pet, this does not guarantee that Anchor Cottage is totally escape-proof for your dog.

There are some lovely walks along the coast and across to Penrose estate so plenty of space to allow your dog to walk and run. The beach opposite is open to dogs between September and June, In the Summer months before 10 and after 6pm. During this time, you can access the beach from Blue Buoy Steps – up Cliff road turn right.


We kindly ask guests to vacate the property by 10:30AM

Please leave the property as tidy as you can, email ahead if there are any breakages or damage we need to know about, because we have limited time to make good, knowing ahead really helps us. We will be very fair about deposits; we know damage happens and we aren’t going to charge for a broken glass or mug.

Remember to return the key to the keysafe.

  • Please leave all used towels on the floor in the bathroom.
  • Please wash up or fill and start the dishwasher, wipe surfaces.
  • Please try to sweep and hoover – especially if you have pets.
  • Please put all rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Please ensure you have all your belongings, whilst we will try to return them, the housekeeping team is very busy. So, check and double check!

Reviews and Rebooking

We love to hear what you’ve thought of your stay so please do leave us a review or privately email me on We also love to reward our local housekeeping team so good reviews means a bonus for them too.

Review us on: Cool places, Facebook or Tripadvisor

If you would like to re-book with us, then do get in touch and we will send you a loyalty discount.

Emergencies and Contact Information

In case of Fire

In the event of a fire leave your property immediately and telephone 999 for the Fire Service.

In case of a smaller fire

A fire blanket is provided in the kitchen and fire extinguishers in the kitchen and in the back bedroom. Please telephone Charlotte or Melanie on 07841447339 to let us know. Alternative accommodation arrangements will be made where necessary.

Swimming and Harbour

Please note: Porthleven Harbour is a working harbour with boats entering and leaving the area at all times of the day. If swimming from the harbour, there is a slip way just by the Ship Inn to access the water. take care not to swim across the harbour as this is extremely dangerous.  When the tide is right you can get into the water from the harbour head next to the Mussel Shoal bar.

Strong Waves

Porthleven is popular for storm watching. However, it can also be extremely dangerous. Do not stand on the harbour or sea wall during stormy weather. Loe bar is a stunning sandy beach but do not swim there, it is extremely dangerous, however benign it looks.

Please do not feed the seagulls

The Seagulls have become a nuisance to locals and visitors and are encouraged to scavenge human food by being fed. They can cause serious injuries by attempting to take food from people and we would like to avoid this happening to our guests and others in the village.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Charlotte (owner): 07841 447 339
Melanie (housekeeper: 07866 862 647
Emergency services including Coastguard: 999
Devon & Cornwall Police non-emergency: 101


Accident & Emergency
Royal Cornwall Hospital: 01872 250 000
Treliske Industrial Estate, Truro, TR1 3LJ

Minor Injuries
West Cornwall Hospital: 01736 874 113
St Clare Street, Penzance, TR18 2PF
Helston Community Hospital: 01326 430 200
Meneage Road, Helston, TR13 8DR


Porthleven Doctors Surgery: 01326 562 204
The Surgery, Sunset Gardens Porthleven


Emergency Dental Helpline: 03334 050 290


Boots Pharmacy: 01326 562 252
Fore Street, Porthleven, TR13 9HJ
9am – 6pm Monday – Saturday
Tesco’s: 08450 269 653
Clodgey Lane, Helston TR13 8PJ
Tuesday – Friday 8am – 8pm
Monday & Saturday 8am – 1pm & 2pm – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm
Boots (Hayle): 01736 756 843
Marsh Lane, West Cornwall Shopping Park, Hayle, TR27 5LX
Monday – Saturday 7.30am – Midnight
Sunday 10.30am – 10pm


Head & Head: 01326 572 216
Water-Ma-Trout Industrial Estate, Helston, TR13 0LW
Out of Hours Vet – C Vets: 01872 560 952
The Old Dairy, Penstraze, Truro, TR4 8PN

Food & Drink

Restaurants & Cafés in Portheleven

Mix of bistro and pizzas. Nice light glassed area to sit.
Tel :01326 554 000

The Harbourside RefugePreviously Rick stein’s now Michael Caines, lovely setting and food.

KotaHigh end tasting menu’s and very good reputation. The chef is recently famed on on the Great British Menu.
Tel: 01326 562 407

Kota KaiFusion food with Asian twist, lovely views over harbour and relaxed.
Tel: 01326 574 411

Nauti But IceFor ice cream, cake and daytime snacks.
Tel: 01326 573 747

The Corner DeliGreat pizzas, and lovely baguettes, pulled pork rolls and deli counter. Perfect for a lunchtime takeaway.
Tel: 01326 565 554

The SquarePart of a deli, and does good all round menu with nice outdoor seating.
Tel: 01326 573 911

Twisted CurrantPerfect for breakfast and tea. Certainly the best cooked breakfast
Tel: 01326 565 999

The Mussel ShoalHang out down by the harbour and sip cider, and brilliant food. Or book their floating restaurant. A great atmosphere and outdoor firepits for the evening. Relaxed vibe and where you’ll find the surfing crowd at the end of the day.

Philps BakeryPasties for all.
Tel: 01326 562 324

Clementine’s Vegan CaféJust on the corner of the harbour road for vegan breakfast and take away.

Ann’s PastiesDouble baked for authentic taste. Local and tasty
Tel:01326 450 192

Porthleven Fish & ChipsNo better fish and chips, just perfect.
Tel: 01326 554 257

LandedTake away fresh fish restaurant. Know exactly where your fish came from, and with a twist on traditional fish & chips.
Tel: 01326 531507

The Harbour View CafeGood honest cafe
Tel: 07498 613 280

Origin Coffee HouseThe perfect brew, located on Harbour Head. Recently added a pop up restaurant at their new unit on the outskirts of town

Local food box delivery

The Cornish Food Box Company
Tel: 01872 211 533

Pubs in Porthleven

The Ship InnA must for any stay, with extended terrace seating. Always a gres atmosphere and a great bowl of mussels or fish-finger sandwich.
Tel: 01326 564 204

Harbour InnHonest pub food with plenty of space.
Tel: 01326 573 876

Atlantic InnFab views, the locals pub and revamped recently with new food offerings.
Tel: 01326 562 439

Out of the Blue BarTel: 01326 573 881
On the edge of town and serving campers.


Almost daily with artists and crafts along the quayside.

Entertainment, Local Businesses & Places to Explore

Local businesses in Porthleven

Vertical Blue
Water sports: Paddle boarding, kayaking and guided tours with tuiting.
Tel: 01326 563 387

Quayside FishLocal fishmonger
Tel: 01326 562 008

Porthleven Barbour ShopTel: 07972 158 064

You BeautyHair & beauty
Tel: 01326 563 909

Pengelley’sThis is a great convenience shop/supermarket which covers everything plus the bonus of really good quality local fruit and veg, bakery and more.
Tel: 01326 561 196

The Albatross GalleryLocal arts & crafts, Commercial Road.
Tel: 01326 562 828

The Jewellery WorkshopHandmade jewellery& silversmith, Commercial Road.
Tel: 01326 561 511

Pisky CoveCrafts and gifts, Celtic House, Harbour Head.
Tel: 07484 222 865

The Customs House GalleryHandcrafted gifts and local artwork, Commercial Road.
Tel: 01326 569 365

Four Crows GalleryCeramics, jewellery, paintings, prints, cards, Commercial Road
Tel: 01326 618 689

Harbour View Stained Glass Studio
Celtic House, Harbour Head
Tel: 01326 572 671

Salt Cellar WorkshopsHats, children clothes and handcrafted items, Salt Cellar Hill.
Tel: 01326 565 707

The VaultBeach wear, Commercial Road
Tel: 01326 569 735

StargazeyHome furnishings and decorations, 10 Fore Street.
Tel: 01326 569 246

Waves Surf Art GalleryDramatic Photographs by Mike Lacey, Harbour Road (behind Custom House Gallery)
Tel: 01326 368 369

Hand Cut Cornish FudgeDelicious local fudge, boxed or bagged, Trailer located on Commercial Road.

Cinemas Nearby

Tel: 01326 569 977

PenzanceTel: 01736 363 330

Newlyn Film HouseTel: 01736 332 222

Beaches and walks

Loe Bar & Penrose Estate
Walk to Loe Bar and around Penrose estate is a must – huge sandy beach plus woods and lake. Not a place to swim though. Or hire bikes there is a network of bridleways and a green gym if you are feeling keen.

Gunwalloe BeachNational Trust owned, sandy and quiet, and walkable from Porthleven.

Praa sandsBig sandy beach, safe to swim with lifeguards and good for surfing too.

PerranouthnoLovely sandy beach with cafes and less known than Praa.

Prussia CoveVisit for the incredible colour of the water.

Porthkidney beach, LelantYou could almost be in the Caribbean.

Towns to Explore

St Ives
Always popular for a wander, and great beaches.

Marazion With the famous St Michaels’ Mount.

Helford A stunning river and backwater, drop into the Shipwright arms for lunch.

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