Fig 1 - Website traffic growth

Improving SEO and website

Over the last year we have worked at improving our SEO and visibility online. We identified long tail keywords to improve the site being found, we also improved speed and ease of use for visitors.

The traffic to Elsie's cottage landing page - which was re-named 'secluded cottage with hot tub' increased by 124% on the previous year. And visitors searching for dates on Elsie;'s room details also increased by 133%

The increase in traffic across 22/23 and 23/24 increased by 30% across users and sessions.



Fig 2 Increase in direct bookings

Moving to our own booking system

There have been a number of benefits to moving to our own booking system.

Previously we used Bedful - part of the Cool Camping group. We decided to move away from this platform as we were unable to customise the look and feel of the booking pages. In addition there was very limited channel integration and a rather inflexible pricing structure.

Our own booking system has the capability of managing pricing, data and messaging across all channels. The booking pages mimic the website pages, offering a seamless experience for the visitor, which helps to grow trust, ease of use and bounce rates.

Benefits of moving to our own booking system has been:

  • a decrease in Airbnb bookings from 50% in 22/23 to just 5% in 23/24. Whilst sales revenue revenue also increased.
  • Reducing commission costs from £3,800 to just £660 this year and growing revenue by over £6000
  •  Access to data and insights with visibility of most popular searches, which enables us to drive offers and tweaking pricing.
  • Having the flexibility of switching on and off our listing on OTA's like Airbnb to fill quieter periods
  • Adapting pricing to channels mitigating commission charges.
Fig 3 Email traffic

Email list

Growing our email list was always a key to owning our own customer data and building our audience.

We use Hubspot as our CRM, where we can automate email sends, as well as segment our lists according to their interests or cottage preferences.

Our list has grown from zero to 1200 over hte two years. We have subsribe pop up forms on our website and offer our subscribers early access to late availability, offers and special discounts.

As you can see from the fig above our traffic has grown by 94% over the two years.



Fig 4 Digital guide results

Digital Guide

Our digital guide is built using the Touch Stay platform. It offers easy access to all information visitors need for their stay.

In addition we are able to edit and update information regularly ensuring guides don't become out of date.

The digital guide allows us to use video, images and links to other apps to help inform our guests. We include information on extra's experiental workshops and links to local information to help guests plan their stay.