Frequently Asked Questions

What is your policy on cancellation

We always suggest looking into putting in place travel insurance. We also have a policy in place for COVID, we offer a refund if government restrictions prevent travel. However if refund does not extend if you or your party decide not to travel due to your personal family circumstances impacted by COVID.

Our general cancellation policy can be found in our T”s & C’s.

What time is arrival and departure

Arrival for all properties is 3pm and departure is 10:30. If you do not vacate the property promptly this will incur a charge of £100

How child friendly is the property

Properties have a travel cot, high chair and baby bath. However do be aware they do not have stair guards and there are steps and steep gardens to be aware of. There are also un-breakable crockery and cups

When do you take and refund the deposit?

We get a pre-approval to deduct the deposit 24 hours before your arrival and that expires 24 hours after you leave. We only deduct for significant damage. We do expect you to treat our home as if it were your own. So tidy. New will deduct for significant strains on soft furnishings, or damage to large items. The loss of a glass or cup we understand is wear and tear.

Please be aware we do not allow pets on sofas or beds as future guests may have allergies.
If you do accidentally damage something we’d much rather know in advance of you leaving so we can arrange for a replacement or tradesperson to fix it ahead of a changeover.
For full deposit policy see our T’s and C’s

What does dog friendly mean?

We welcome well behaved dogs at our properties. We provide a crate and bed, bowls and towel to dry your dog. Please be aware we do expect you to ensure the dog doesn’t leave mess on or near the property (inside or out). Also ensure your dog does not go on furniture or beds and are cleaned and dried before entering the property so as not to damage furniture and flooring.

Please be aware of neighbouring property and ensure your dog doesn’t cause a persistent nuisance to others. Are cleaned and dried before entering the property so as not to damage furniture and flooring.

How do we get the keys

W will text you a key code to get access to the property. This expires once you have left and are not available to anyone else other than us as owners during your stay.

Will anyone be at the property to greet us?

We don’t normally have anyone to greet guests, however we provide a full view run through of how to use the property which we will send a link to in our final email before you arrive.
In the property there is also a file with essential information and during your stay you can always call us and we will get back within a couple of hours.

What if something doesn’t work

If anything is broken or doesn’t work please check the file and the welcome video for instructions. Otherwise just call us.

Do you allow smoking?

No we do not allow smoking inside the premises. Doing so will cause smoke alarms to be triggered and will infringe our fire risk assessment and insurance. We do provide a place to dispose of cigarettes outside on the terrace. Please do not dispose of used butts on the ground.

Can we have visitors?

We do not allow additional people to stay at the property. This will incur a cost and infringe the insurance. You may have day visitors but no overnight stays.

Can we leave a review?

We always welcome reviews. We send a link to review us at the end of your stay. If you would like to give us personal feedback we welcome honesty and are always looking for ways to improve what we do, so don’t hesitate.