Heart of the country

Malvern Hills

Whilst the Malvern's might not be your go to place to find a holiday, it is perfectly placed in the heart of the country and has been our home for many years and has a few surprises for visitors. We know how much the area offers from our other bolthole in the area Upsticks glamping. From biking, hiking and canoeing are all favourites. The river Wye is famed for paddling down, and there is so much choice on road or off for bikes. We can even supply a couple of Mountain bikes to explore with.

Quaint little villages

Black and white architecture of the area gives rise to quaint towns and villages. A cluster of local inns and eateries provide for dining out both Worcestershire and Herefordshire sides of the hill. Ledbury known for its Indy shopping vibe has cafe's bistro's international cuisine and some lovely architecture. Malvern is a spa town with Victoriana, from old gas lights, grand villas and home to theatres, cafe's and food festivals. Upton site on the river Severn and offers a place to sup by the river. Further afield is


Whether you like exploring or just want to chill in utter seclusion, we know this place will get under your skin.

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