Sea View

sea view

Sea View

When booking a stay by the sea, we imagine waking to a view of blue. Holidaying is about getting away from your normal everyday, and saying in places which promise to transport us from home. When searching for the perfect Cornwall bolthole a sea view was essential. Feeling close to the vast expanse of water, and being able to watch it’s ebbs and flows is essential to getting an authentic seaside escape.

Nooks to nestle in

For us the perfect cottage is a little quirky, with granite walls with texture, the odd low ceiling, natural architectural detail and a few changes in levels and wonky walls. One of the stand out features of Anchor cottage is its window seats. All four from rooms upstairs and down have nooks to nestle in and soak up that view, whilst cradling a brew or leafing through a book.

In the dining area a faces the view with elm bench and wishbone chairs to sit in and enjoy it. These aren’t formal spaces, because lifestyle is about comfort and laid back, so we added skins and throws cushions to add to the softness against those deep granite wall.

Lounge out

Views are not just to look at, you find yourself drawn to going outside and smelling the air hearing he sea and checking on the tide watching the beach expand and change as nature takes charge. The wooden bench seating wraps around the terrace so you can move with the sun and get some shelter when needed.

Porthleven life

Cornwall is all about getting close to the sea. The vibe in Porthleven centres around the harbour and beach, two distinct areas, The harbour bustles with activity from those playing on the water in kayaks and on paddle boards. Fishing boats come and go alongside wild swimmers and surfers.. The beach is quieter. There are big boulders to find a nook to sit and rock pools to explore. When the tide is out you can wander for miles up the beach discovering coves and caves.

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