Indulge, with 5 self-catering upgrades

Self-catering upgrades for a boutique stay

Choosing a self-catering stay now offers so many of the indulgent treats often associated with a boutique hotel. A holiday cottage offers more space, privacy, private garden and importantly no agendas.  If you are seeking a few indulgences, we have a host of upgrades and special touches which will make your self-catering stay extra special.

Explore more with guided experiences

Holidays are as much about the experiences we have as the accommodation. Once booked having to research, book and organise an experience can feel like hard work – and there’s the risk it could be less than perfect.

For this reason, as a self catering owner I’ve curated a menu of experiences for guests.  From guided walks to explore the countryside, to potters wheel experiences, baking, or paddle-boarding.  The country side promises open spaces, with miles of tracks to hike, peddle and rivers to paddle on. However getting outside in open spaces can feel a little intimidating. So a few packages to help you explore will make it all less daunting and will, we hope give you a far better experience than leaving you to your own devices.

Foodie treats

Food is one of life’s pleasures, so tickling our taste buds with flavours and produce of the region can be a focal point for many of us on our holibobs.

There’s no need to feel like you are missing out on great food on a self-catering holiday or  that it will mean hard work,.

Our most secluded cottage offers a host of foodie packages to make life easier. Such as a platter of deli specialities to arrive to, the perfect treat after a long journey.

Add a pizza kit to turn a simple classic, into a fun experience. Cook up to a full English, with a hamper of locally produced bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes. Or maybe order some artisan pastries for a touch of sweet indulgence. Not only are you guaranteed the best seat in the house – you won’t have to vacate it by 11am.

If you are looking to steer clear of using the car, why not order a pub night in, with an artisan burger kit. Cook up a BBQ feast with locally produced meats.  Enjoy chilling out over dinner, maybe mix yourself a cocktail, crack open a bottle of wine, all without breaking the bank.

Support local and eat the best the region produces, all in the comfort of a stunning home and you definitely won’t feel like you’ve missed out.

Discover a new passion

Our everyday lives are full of routines and commitments, we need to do for others.  Whilst our holidays are time that is unashamedly dedicated for us. Which makes it a perfect opportunity doing things that time doesn’t seem to allow for at home.

Unlike a hotel – where space is defined for exercise or eating, lounging or sleeping, in your own cottage, you can get creative. Try sketching or flower pressing, yoga to stargazing.  We have a curated box of equipment for you to try your hand at something new, there’s no competing agendas, and no-one to please.

You never know you might discover your next passion.

Spa at home

Many of us love a spa. Soaking in a tub, a good massage or facial and feeling utterly pampered.  Most self-catering cottages don’t offer anywhere near the facilities a hotel spa offers – or do they?

Whilst a pool is a rarity, hot tubs aren’t in self-catering cottages and even saunas are becoming more common.  If its treatments that really make you feel pampered, well the good news is you can get these in the privacy of your own self-catering home.

From a massage to facial, reflexology to reiki. We offer a full menu of treatments which you can book. With fluffy robes and wonderful essential oils you will feel properly pampered.

Simple pleasures

If you aren’t a hotel person then you probably don’t need any persuasion to book a gorgeous cottage over a hotel room.

As a final bonus, a self-catering cottage offers lots of little nooks, to curl up and enjoy a book or listen to music.

To help we’ll provide a shelf of great reading, a bluetooth speaker to stream your favorite tunes. Binoculars to bird watch or star gaze.

More than anything though, self-catering spaces offer the chance to step into a totally new lifestyle. A secluded cottage with rustic interiors, wild garden or sea as scenery is not only a contrast to what the majority of us live in, it offers a unique experience all of its own.

Living in a different space gives us a flavour of a different life, which, when taken back home lasts on in our memory and may inspire us to new things.  Isn’t that what holidays are all about?

5 reasons for a January break

5 great reasons  for a new year break


After the fun and craziness of the festive season, we can feel a little low as January hits. The first few months of the year can leave us feeling joyless and the blues are only lifted marginally by the lightening evenings and hope for spring. So we’ve put together 5 reasons to get away in January.  It offers the chance to focus on you and your plans for the year.


A dose of nature to calm your mind

When the weather outside is raining, and days are short and cold, it can be tempting to stay inside and wait for spring.

Yet, it has been proven that time in nature, is great for the mind, distresses and has the added benefit of topping up your vitamin D with a dose of sunlight.

Being able to walk out into woodland and sit quietly under a tree at Elsies Cottage or climb a hill to get your lungs burning, or maybe get blown off your feet on a blustery walk along the beach at Anchor Cottage– the wonder of nature is it never fails to make you feel alive. With the reward of a roaring fire and  a warm mug of cocoa waiting on your return.

blah blah blah

detox and relax in a bubble bath

Time for a digital detox?

From messaging, to social arrangements, posting your life and getting overwhelmed by the shares of others, it might be time to break the scrolling habit and get focussed on the stuff that really makes us happy.

But it is tough. Especially when your habits and routines are set. So nows the time to make your escape. Get away to Elsie’s cottage where there are tempting alternatives like a soak in a roll top bath with a book and bubbles, or a dip in the hot tub. Pick up your pen or don your brush and create new distractions in your life.

me time

Indulge in some ‘me’ time

Despite what we all believe to be a break over Christmas, it is often the opposite. With rounds of visiting, rushing around buying pressies, along with late night revelries and early morning tidying. Its no wonder we arrive in January a little flat.

Being able to sit and be, doing what you want to do, with no one else to please is such an indulgence – and what are holidays for but to indulge ourselves.


Make a plan

Once the new year has faded, if you are anything like me, you’ll probably get the urge to start planning. Whether its your holidays, or booking events and concerts, pursuing your hobbies or a big idea that needs hatching, January is a new start and a chance to reset and the promise of a new beginning. Getting away is the perfect time to get it all down on paper.

So, Pack your favourite journal and pen or laptop and camera and start the way you mean to go on.

When its cold outside, snuggle up

The beauty of winter is we don’t need an excuse to hibernate. We may be fired up with new plans, but we can make them by a roaring fire, curled up in a deep sofa, listening to the rain outside with a hot toddy.

Our minds and bodies need down time, after the up time. It is crucial to rejuvenate and allow our minds to wander, reflect and re-energise ourselves for the spring when we naturally awaken.


Whatever your reason to getaway, choose between Elsies, seclusion  in the heart of the country or a Anchor cottage on the edge of the sea in Cornwall. We are offering a 10% discount for all stays from January until 14th March.  Just pop the code WINTERBREAK in the coupon box at checkout.

Head for the Malvern Hills

The MALVERN HILLS are a string of peaks in Worcestershire. They are a perfect for walkers who love a view, and wooded tracks too. They inspired composers and writers famed for their Narnia gas lamps and fresh spring waters. Come explore and stay at Elsie’s Cottage for the perfect spot to explore.

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